The restless spirits long to guide

The Great Work (A critiqe)


It is without question that man is apart from flora and fauna, but is man's path as laid out by the Wyrd divergent from those realms? What is Conciousness ? Conciousness is the state flow of the internals of a distinct physical object when subject to…

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Tiw Possession


In war Tiw is summoned. Drums beat beckoning him forth. Willing minds open for him to enter into. In peacetime his presence is feared, for it brings unwelcome happenings, discord and grievances. Winds die down and the waters rise, Far from firm…

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The Inverted Queen


A "knight of diamonds" protects the flame in times of crisis, helping to keep it alive. The far more important job of keeping it fueled in the interim period, is done by the "Queen of Diamonds". Protecting and preserving culture; working and fighting…

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The Cross Symbology


The greatest strength of the cross symbolism is its simplicity; anyone with a knife, or a couple of sticks can make a cross. The cross also has rich meaning. The cross arguably represents the crux of the Christian belief system, that being that a…

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Poetry NFTs


I assert that poetry has worth, be it when used for meditation, expanding perceptions, or capturing beauty in the form of flow. For this reason, it should have monetary value. Due to my limited readers and general cost of living, I will be making all…

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Good vs. Evil


Awake but Dreaming In early 2020 many were taken aback in horror as chapter takeaways from brainwashing literature were being rolled out at a societal level. Isolation from loved ones. Restriction of access to food. Creation of a single source of…

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Gods Don't Die


A 21C poet's perspective on the 'death of god' A cold man or a frigid woman asserts that a god can turn their back on a person, but under the right condition the goddess of love will wholly embrace them again, and there is nothing they can do about…

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Neat Font


I have found myself wishing I could tweak the style of the fonts that I have been using for poetry presentation. This eventually culminated with an attempt to create my own font that had all the characteristics I sought. I started by drawing the…

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Poetry's Magic


Often lore and beliefs say that which cannot be so concisely put into words. The crux of ancient Egypt's tale for how the year came to have 365 days is that wisdom played the sun and gained 5 days of light. This explains what happened precisely. He…

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