The restless spirits long to guide

The Cross Symbology

September 25, 2022

The greatest strength of the cross symbolism is its simplicity; anyone with a knife, or a couple of sticks can make a cross. The cross also has rich meaning. The cross arguably represents the crux of the Christian belief system, that being that a healthy junction of the material and the spiritual realms is that where there is more of an emphasis on the spiritual than the material. This is symbolised by the junction of the vertical and horizontal being in the upper vertical half of the symbol.

The cross symbol has other clear connotations:

  • The interplay of two opposites
  • A point of focus
  • Here and now
  • Stagnation
  • A barrier
  • The end
  • Cross roads

The early 21C is a time of change, whereby old rules no longer apply, and for this reason, meditating on a cross does not have the benefit it once did. Life on the macro and micro scale and in various domains, really is a series of fool's journeys.

Spiritualism and Materialism

The Christian cross, by representing more than just a trinity of two additives and the union, has a natural opposite, which is manifested in the ideals of Satanists. Statistically it could be argued that it is an objective truth that in a reality where the present and future need to be emphasised over the past to ensure survival, spiritualism is a more sacred trait. An unsupervised learning AI will soon overfit its behaviour to its training without some constant level of entropy in its environment, and or decision-making.

A Cartoon Devil

As made clear by the mythology, the devil was an afterthought, as a consequence the devil has a cartoon like nature, much to the sorry detriment of the folk of Europe. A more sophisticated notion of the devil is capture in the idioms; the devil makes use of idle hands and the devil is in the details.

The best description of evil I have heard is that it is premature optimisation, and a detachment from the consequence of action. Evil is subjective, but I've yet to hear a more thought out description. The devil is in the details, and it's very easy for people when detached from the consequences of actions to ignore the details, and the consequential evil. This leads to beyond abhorrent events, such as Australian police holding down a minor against their will to get injected with a substance that no-one in the room has any informed understanding about. Or, an injection injured person, forced to take a second dose, because a computer database has their name on it.

The world is the most complex it has been in our known history; police have no understanding of the laws they are ordered to enforce; scientists have no understanding of the data science techniques, abstractions and axioms of the equipment and software they rely on; programmers have only a surface understanding of what the end user wants from the code.

All that is material is but mere tools. Materialism can be used to defeat great evil, just the same as materialism can be used to empower it. This is not an endorsement of satanism, but an assertion that complicated things are complicated.

Suggested alternatives

The tree of life is my preferred symbol, as it implies interplay between the realms of in and out, ethereal and earth, and also implies motion and growing. Christianity arose during the same period as big cities, concert music, ism ideology by no accident. A symbol that all agree on to meditate on, has no utility anymore. If society itself is going on a fool's journey, then we have clearly met the emperor and empress by this point in the journey, and so each of our tribes are now to go forth with the knowledge, fortitude, and strength, possessed. We, our tribes and sub-tribes, will find our own symbols with meaning to meditate on.