The restless spirits long to guide

Tiw Possession

November 21, 2023

In war Tiw is summoned. Drums beat beckoning him forth. Willing minds open for him to enter into. In peacetime his presence is feared, for it brings unwelcome happenings, discord and grievances.

Winds die down and the waters rise,
Far from firm ground in spite of tries,
Vapours vie to with sparks ignite,
Fury whipped wild from sounded war cries.

Due respect

How to with respect do we bid this god to leave. We mean him no offense for in times of need we will eagerly beckon him.

We do not want to slay the beast that resides at the threshold, in a cave, guarding a gold hoard. No, not even to drink of his blood in our cup, to become a better stronger, wiser self. For we live on earth, we are not merely material, or are we solely spirit, rather, we are the marriage of both, homed in middle earth.

A foolish zealot or a devious fiend would bid you to slay the beast so that he is never again seen. For the zealot knows no better and is deceived, while the devious fiend seeks to miss-guide for benefit of his schemes. When you meet such persons let the spells that issue forth from their tongue be blown away with the breeze. Their spells mean you no good, my volk. Feign that you have open ears, if the situation needs, but as soon as you can, gut and purge those spells from your mind and go forth as the wyrd has had it designed. Without Tiw kept by your side you are weak and frail, unable to take what is yours from filth coated coveting stealing hands, that you may meet whilst pursing your plans.

Just you the possessed and Tiw

Remove all that is unnecessary, clear the space so that it is as good as empty. As far as it is possible, ensure it is just you, Tiw and the possessed. This is no easy task, and probably rarely can be done to the extent that is desired.

  • Black out the lights.
  • Relocate to a empty room.
  • Let background noise be drowned out.
  • Use monotonous prose so stifle thought.

Offer up a means of escape

When an intent is committed via word or action, there are only two outcomes, failure, embarrassment or success. For anyone who is yet to kill their ego, there is an aversion to failure and embarrassment. So, there should be put forth a path that mitigates any sense of failure or embarrassment. Something that can embody the reason for the Tiw possession should be forth, allowing Tiw to transfer into it.

  • A symbolic personification.
  • A symbolic narration.

Address with the subject that the possession has taken place, and the consequences of it, stressing that it will soon pass. With encouragement get the subject to focus on the means by which Tiw can leave the possessed. When Tiw has left do away with the vassal Tiw has entered into.

  • fold up and destroy the visual symbolic personification
  • Bring the symbolic narration to a conclusion, and end it..

The lesson

The spell that brought him forth should promptly be read in prose. What events, words, or intent brought him forth?

  • What was the reason for this?
  • If desired, what can be done to prevent a recurrence?

 Tiw Possession