The restless spirits long to guide

Good vs. Evil

May 05, 2022

Awake but Dreaming

In early 2020 many were taken aback in horror as chapter takeaways from brainwashing literature were being rolled out at a societal level.

  • Isolation from loved ones.
  • Restriction of access to food.
  • Creation of a single source of truth.
  • Repeated messaging and imagery.
  • Creation of emotional tension.
  • Tests of loyalty.

Whether it is a criminal conspiracy or bad incentives behind these evil actions matters not, the fact that they were able to play out is the problem. Things got darker as clear-cut crimes began to be committed against innocent citizens. It is beyond belief that the medical industry, through fear, monopolization and propaganda, got us for years to inject our children with cancer cells, toxins, monkey liver cells, parts of dead babies and faecal matter. It is even more beyond belief that they attempted to create a completely new product, marketed as such, and yet still listed the aforementioned outrageous items as ingredients. In my professional life, I strive to reach the optimum solution that meets the outlined requirements. I assumed that others worked with the same ideal in their respected sectors. There exists faith that you can rely on others in different sectors of work, to work competently.

Misplaced Faith

When it is clear that those you are told are acting in your interest are actually at best indifferent to your well-being, or at worse, working to destroy it, a re-evaluated world view is needed. There is comfort found in thinking someone else has all the answers, and that they can make things better. You need faith in yourself and the world, to stare into an abyss of chaos and say yes, I will step forward and face whatever may come.

For some people, formal religions fosters within them a faith in themselves. As was the case 100 years ago, Christianity does not speak to people anymore. I was brought up Catholic, and yet it was not until writing poetry and becoming interested in alchemy that the mythology of Christianity resonated with me. Archetypical stories somewhat fill the void left behind, but something is clearly missing; perhaps it is ritual or a religious setting and atmosphere.

It is clearly not the lack of faith that is the macro cause for the evil that has been at play. The herd has placed faith in pseudo-science. Manipulation born from sour incentives has acted to put fuel on the fire. If society was able to agree Charles Manson should be in prison, every weak limp wrist member of the 77th brigade of the feeble UK army, and all the other equally guilty parties will in time be viewed by the populace as deserving of at least equal punishment.


The scientific method is merely an informal way of seeking a mapping for non-standard sample data. It is clear then that climate science can never use the scientific method. It is also clear vaccine science can only barely use the scientific method, since we now have a generation that has grown old having been exposed to vaccines, bringing with them a prevalence of autism, cancers and mental, hormonal and neurological disorders. When a problem space is non-linear, but talked about as if it was linear, either stupid people are talking, or, those speaking are actively attempting to deceive.

When programming a control system, and especially when the domain includes human action, you must be acutely aware of the limit to the domain of control. Sometimes it is not at first clear, but you are always aware the limit is there, and at some point a line gets drawn. There is also often an acute awareness of the constraints placed by the resources available. This marriage of the abstract and the concrete would do well to be more consciously applied in other fields. There is only ever a finite amount of valid answers, and even fewer optimal answers. Free speech is the playing field in which the limits of a domain of a problem can be explored, tested, and agreed upon.

Freedom of Speech

I truly believe in the notion that art can be used to help the zeitgeist find its centre, and so it is really painful to realize how much censorship and vested interests shape popular culture. Dealing with a young son, and helping him to channel his frustrations, points out just how clown the adult world is. Loosely defined terrorist laws and hate speech laws, clearly, merely exist to give police and governments grounds to do what they want unimpeded.

Every single weak-minded police officer, politician and social engineer needs to be dragged by their ear by an adult and put on the naughty step until they have thought long and hard about their inappropriate actions. No text should ever be censored. No history should be beyond questioning, especially while we are witnessing the grotesqueness of Western War propaganda, as Russia humiliates NATO special forces, and big pharma co-opts governments to poison the Western peoples, and people suffering tragedy behave like actors in front of cameras. Imagery and video, on the other hand, owing to their ability to more directly train human minds, should be heavily censored. Especially now that Neural Networks can create realistic video and images, meaning that first-hand evidence in those forms is now meaningless unless signed on a blockchain. The judicial system will take a very long time to comprehend this.


Whether tricked into it or not, governments all over the world have committed the most atrocious crimes in the history of mankind, and slowly, but surely, the herd is becoming exposed to this fact. Now the mask has slipped, Governments are accelerating censorship and abuse of power. Western power structures are no-longer leading the way like the lion archetype, they are increasingly being tyrannical, like the eagle.

The incentives of Western governance means governments cannot simply admit their crimes. In a small country like England with lots of weak men working for the public sector, in the police and army, I can see a parallel society growing from the ground up, utilizing independent currencies, while government revenue falls, and the government increasingly fails to enforce their illegal laws. There will be more and more no-go zones in Western countries, where community cohesion and brotherhood resists interference from the outside. Immigrant communities, brought in by Western governments, have a head start. Hopefully, native communities can foster similar community cohesion and brotherhood.

The Ultimate Game

Plato supposedly said that harm done to others does greater injury to oneself. It took me a long time to understand this. A bad act is an additive that creates a change, and if this change is enough to splinter the purity and boundless potential of the self, it cannot be reversed. Heaven on earth can never be obtained. A path in the neural net has been burnt in for good. In modern society, there are sadly incentives to desire such a thing to take place. To rise to the highest levels of wealth and power, you need to detach yourself from morality.

Decentralization, local community cohesion and brotherhood, however, cannot be crushed without great cost to tyrants. This is life, and the battle rages on. We have inside us a conflicting desire to create and destroy. After good times, comes bad, after stagnation comes a flourishing. The single worst thing one can do is to let the cancer of nihilism in, when evil is winning. To have a family is a great way to vanquish nihilism, as when you have skin in the game in the form of the next generation, you have no choice but to fight the good fight.

There is no going it alone, the community must walk with you, and you cannot but walk with the community. After the madness caused by the evil that has reigned recently, I now size and measure certain public figures, knowing full well that if push comes to shove, it will be them standing as a threat to me and my family. The evil people striving to manifest with their pen strokes pose no direct threat. It is those seen every day that can be incentivized to carry out evil that pose a threat. Go forth and strive to live the change you want to see, to nudge the zeitgeist back to where it should be.

Change is coming, and it is a tectonic change.