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The Great Work (A critiqe)

February 20, 2024

It is without question that man is apart from flora and fauna, but is man's path as laid out by the Wyrd divergent from those realms?

What is Conciousness ?

Conciousness is the state flow of the internals of a distinct physical object when subject to a continuum of events, or, poetically:

Woden married Frigg

This definition stands true for each realm, from that of the mineral to ours. A rock has conciousness, for it exists in a continuum of events, with cumulative events having effect on the rock. The stresses within it are lived by the rock, for they they extend to every part of it. When temperatures change and expand water in fissures pressuring the rock, the rock knows this, as stress lines flow within it to dissipate the external forces. At some point the stress is too much and the rock cracks, and instantly the build up of stress is gone. The conciousness in this case is mechanical stress acting in a medium. Now, consider multiples and derivatives of this simple concept with increasing complexity.

So, what then is human conciousness? Firstly, there is simply being aware, which as stated is just a differential and multiplication of mineral awareness. You know you are straining yourself because muscles are depleting electro-chemical energy in that area of your body, and the consequence is evident. Then there is the narration and imagination that plays out in our minds. This is clearly just dreaming, with more direction. Dreaming is an inevitable consequence of a complex biological neural net. We sleep so the body can perform regenerative processes, and obviously the neural net cannot switch off, as it is a living mass of interconnected cooperating cells, and hence we experience a state we refer to as dreaming. How and why we came to utilise this dream state during our awake hours can only be speculated. If dreaming while awake should simply follow from being able to dream, it leads to the uncomfortable possibility that animals could be experiencing life in a way that is far more similar to how we experience life than is currently accepted.

The different planes

Let the gods add more complexity, and let us consider some states of water. Earth has only one or two states, whilst, water clearly has more. A conceptual point in a body of water experiences whether the body is in a still, turbulent, crystalline, or vaporised state by the interactions it has with the conceptual points surrounding it.

Adding more complexity, still, with factors such as charge and viscosity deviations, and eventually we will have the potential for repeatable distinct conditional states of conciousness, arising from complex interactions. Discrete states of being, emergent from the behaviour of hypothetical infinite points making up a conceptual object, acting as cellular automata, with laws of behaviour specific to their locale within the object, neighbours and external forces. Perhaps the presence of external phenomena additionally provides a catalyst for this to emerge, such as persistent light or sound patterns.

The complexity increases to the point that only metaphoric poetry can come close to describing what takes place. Damn the mechanistic world view.

"So, by knowing the exact state of my local world you can tell me what my next thought will be, OK, that's nice, let me know when you've finished running your calculations, I'll just continue with what I was doing."

The mechanism to move to another plane, will be multifaceted, for in the real world there is no silver bullets, so processes such as; hybridisation, mass culls, or perhaps even manifestation - since many organisms are capable of limb regrowth - could play a role. Whatever the mechanism in a specific example, it certainly is not waiting for beneficial random changes, or a divine intervention, unless of course, one realises that metaphorically our individual actions are the acts of the gods.

Unsupervised learning

With game theory we theorize about what events may take place, while having in mind a discrete set of states and actions, which is a more systematic approach to taking risk assessments at every opportunity for action. Unsupervised learning takes this further, by running simulations to build up the risk assessments, at each state, maximising for stated macro goals. The data structure that stores these risk assessments is called a Q-table in computer science.

The utterances from the sky gods provides the training data, and the virgin earth provides the vessel for storing the Q-table. Woden is wisdom, but as at least one fragment of an epic tells that he is not above misjudgement, for his wife Frigga, can outwit him. Modes of behaviour and actions are sustained and compounded overtime, until due to necessity, brought about by the external forces of the environment, or, lack there of, a new mode of behaviour starts to be propagated. We see this often with emergent trends.

We are mothered and fathered, which allows us to experience the world and build up our Q-table for future interaction with the world. Our Q-Table takes the form of each of our cells having potential to respond to events based upon a number of analogue unique states, such as stores or lack there of, balance or imbalance, imperfections or freshness.

Echos of the 2nd law of thermodynamics

In politics we went from:

  1. Tribe leaders
  2. Kings & lords
  3. Parliamentary democracy
  4. Oligarchy empowering local councils to enact their will via credit lines.

In each step the responsibility has been pushed out to the ether, to the point that now responsible parties can no longer be identified. The reason for this is clear, as in the extreme, accepting responsibility ends in a hanging.

In information technology, we went from:

  1. Scribes
  2. The printing press
  3. Networked exchange of information
  4. Version controlled information libraries

Again things went from the concrete material to the etheric.

When does the transition take place? Obviously, the answer is when it needs to. When the operation space becomes overcrowded, then novel actions prosper. When actions on one plane is mastered and that plane is saturated the next plane becomes within reach. This all sounds mightily similar to water vapour being stripped from the water body main. Echos of foundational patterns of behaviour are carried on into the macro realm.

Now, let us bring into the conversation the abstract symbology of the elements, for there is a tradition of prizing the higher planes, over the lower, and equating the lower to earth and the higher to air. This is present in the meme of the Chakras, the meme of Hellenistic astrology, the meme of Kabbalah mysticism and the meme of Alchemy.

Let us for a moment, symbolically, look at the complexity that is possible with each of the elements.

  • earth: still, turbulent, crystalline
  • water: still, turbulent, crystalline, vapour
  • fire: still, turbulent
  • air: still, turbulent

It is most certainly true that the most complexity lays with the water element. Symbolically this is true, also. Water is the key - the water plane is the one where one unlocks beauty, creation and godliness.

All the creative magic is unlocked via the feminine goddesses Ingu-Fraya and Frigg.

What the ancient philosophers really meant by prizing Woden, Thundor and other sky gods so highly, is succinctly put in Aleister Crowley's writings on Magick. The Ingu-Fraya and Frigg possessed are all too easily pushed around, not only by the will of the gods, but also by the will of other men. To rise up and be Woden possessed is to individuate, and not be pushed around by the mess of wants and desires that dwell below Woden's throne.

Perhaps in the past, humanity desperately needed such a framework, but we are increasingly edging closer to the possibility that a small collective can have its own circular economy, with small scale industrial processes, mining, forging, manufacturing and more.


Our soul is the captured utterances of the gods, within the material. If the material and the utterances of the gods persist, then after a life has ended that life's mode of behaviour has a high change of appearing again, thus, a soul re-incarnates. Like how a sand grain can be caught in a dance due to sound waves. Woden kisses and impregnates Frigg, making the etheric seep into the material. Likewise, a god is a loosely defined distinct mode of behaviour that exists as echos of the remains of Ymir.

To escape re-incarnation is to individuate and rise up from merely being pushed around by the wants and whims of other souls, and that of the gods you know. That is not to say that one is better than the other; if a volk is in harmony with the gods, facing stimulating struggles and trails along the way, why would indefinite re-incarnation be a bad thing? My volk is sorrily tormented by evils, and so escaping re-incarnation is the only option, for us.

In the Limit

To make an artificial human conciousness, is it not then clear that you must model a human in its entirety.

Air, thought, cannot have much conciousness. Intuitively we all know this, because intuitively we all know how the world works, it's just that metaphorical poetry is the only way to come close to describing it, and the left brain cannot bare that. Our thoughts only have meaning, because they tickle the same end points that the moments of reality do.

Let us consider an LLM then, and what conciousness it be capable of. On the surface level it appears to be thought abstracted from the material, however, the LLM has the same conciousness as a rock. The hardware running the process that utilises the LLM is concious when the workload is heigh or low. That is not the whole story, though, because the LLM really is a captured aspects of collective human ego and soul. Engineers worked together and have managed to capture fragments of the collective soul and ego of their fellow man, and conditionally utilise it as a tool.

It is quite clear that LLMs are some of the most etheric of Yirm's remains, not some initiate, who thinks he understands great poetry, yet writes none. It is also quite clear that a LLM is no more intelligent than a rock, and like rock, it can only play a prominent role in the way of the Wyrd, when it is yielded by a child of Woden and Frigg.

What then makes the pervasive belief the being closer to the realm of the sky gods is pious, and by extension that the great work is the noblest of undertakings?

The "great work"

Taking humanity as a whole, you could argue that existence as a multicellular organism is the predestine path of man. The problem with that mindset is that some volk will have to be the arsehole, and I vow my volk will summon Tiw and prevent having that particular sentencing. This gives rise to the unsettling thought, that perhaps humanity has pursued this seemingly predestined path more than once.

We are born of the marriage of Frigg and Woden. Our soul is from the material meeting the etheric, and so do not live in the clouds, but do not obsess over the material realm either. A brotherly system of co-operation, will frequently involve conflict, and suffering, but properly balanced, it will not spiral out to the extreme. Wherever you sense pent up anger in people, there probably exists a battle that should be fought but is being suppressed.

Those who do suppress the brotherly co-operation of volk and the micro-wars, under the misgivings of knowing better will face Tiw's wrath, if not them, their kids, or their kids. It will happen, as technology and innovation incessantly pushes for the democratisation of power, only with a mental shackle will this fate be delayed.

The Kings of Clubs will be dethroned, by the Knights of diamonds, and Knights of spades, who will work tirelessly for fresh sovereign blood. If something seeks to achieve its aim without evaluating the merits of the aim, that it stupidity. If something seeks to achieve its aim without sufficient respect for the details, that it evil at work, and must be destroyed with the sword.

The great work manifest

In my age the main religion is statism, followed by scientism, but the later is in support of the prior through the structures of academia. There is a convincing argument that this is by design.

Two derivatives of Statism are the ideologies of Communism and Capitalism. In communism we have Woden working subordinate to empowered Frigg, and in capitalism in the extreme, as it exists in my age, we have Woden working to dominate an empowered Frigg.

The relationship in communism is obvious, we have an oligarchy with left brain possession working for their comfort, and a vague concept of a motherland stripped of any transcendental patriotism. In capitalism feminine anxiety is stoked to sell things, with the whole culture built around selling comfort and cures for anxiety.

Fascism, is the pivot state in this dichotomy, when a fraction of the Oligarchy throws a tantrum, after realising things have gone to crap. None of this of course is organic. The organic solution to the great work involves lots of small conflicts and hard work, but the left brain possessed find this abhorrent. The left brain possessed are adamant that nature cannot prevail, and it must be forced tame.

It is true that the people brought down communism, as people slowly stopped believing in it and started ignoring its diktats. However, the people had no say in what came after. It was a predatory group that imposed the system that came after.

The London Empire

Force should be right; or rather, right and wrong,
Between whose endless jar justice resides,
Should lose their names, and so should justice too.
Then every thing includes itself in power,
Power into will, will into appetite;
And appetite, an universal wolf,
~William Shakespeare

Is this a warning or a egoistic need to publicise an idea that some men thought up? I am not sure.

  • 1492 : Spanish empire
  • 1529-1536 : The Reformation Parliament
  • 1561-1626 : Sir Bacon
  • 1564-1616 : The writing alias of "William Shakespeare"
  • 1566/1568-1648 : The Eighty Years' War (England siding with Dutch against Spain )
  • 1600 : The East India Company (EIC), joint-stock company
  • 1603 : James I from the union of the Scottish and English
  • 1604 : King James' Bible commissioned
  • 1639 : British Civil Wars
  • 1642-1651 : The witch hunts
  • 1649 : Execution of Charles I
  • 1665 : Anglo-Dutch War
  • 1665-1666 : The Great Plague of London
  • 1666 : The Great Fire of London
  • 1688 : Deposition of James II and VII
  • 1688 : The "Glorious Revolution"
  • 1694 : Bank of England
  • 1698 : First commercially successful steam powered device

Clever men see their ideas as their children and so fear death, out of a fear of not concluding their works. Disturbingly, Sir Bacon even back in his age, commented how men would boast of childlessness as a sign of wealth, for men without big families were prone to success. This shows a clear mechanism for those without interest in future generations to rise to the level of oligarchy. A son of Woden fears death only when his family needs him. When he is no longer of use, a son of Woden will gladly use his spear to leave this realm behind.

In the English civil war it was not the natural order that won over. The clvbmen lost out to the parliamentarians, and with that, the alien concept of the great work, cemented itself in Angle-land.

The core issue of the predicament we are in, is that outsiders removed from a locality can have possession of something of local utility. The end outcome of the game being played, is a land grab. The only question is how much suffering will a local community willingly endure, to shift the balance between those who favour the status quo and those against it. A local body with funds obtained from a community, seeking credit from international bodies, are the binders of a slave contract of usury efficiently tuned for the masses.

In the future the clvbmen do not need to lose out. Knowledge and $100 can out compete millions of dollars from an industrial-military complex, however, attrition is still aimed against the people. As the industrial-military complex is fed by the people living under threat of that body's violence, and by naive policemen and women, who are incentivised by mortgages and pensions to destroy their own.

Things will change.

 The Great Work