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Poetry NFTs

June 18, 2022

I assert that poetry has worth, be it when used for meditation, expanding perceptions, or capturing beauty in the form of flow. For this reason, it should have monetary value. Due to my limited readers and general cost of living, I will be making all my poetry works available for free. For anyone wishing to encourage my writing, they can donate to my XMR: 4AC99QFmCipcMnEwLNuRcB83DqZ3Y7AApEcvsocegkUT6XF8W3JyxiQVxw7acoiSBhE8NYUi5ppMihFoL7RnDaW8AHdeXx4, or better, buy a poetry NFT from the dApp hosted on this site.

Quick start

  1. Get a Crypto Wallet, such as MetaMask.
  2. Add Harmony Mainnet to the wallet.
  3. Click connect in the top right of the page.
  4. View, buy, sell Poetry NFTs.

Neat Font

Poetry NFT contract:

The NFT contract, mints on-chain poetry text, and also traditional metadata image url nfts.

Poetry NFT Contact: 0x91BD719a249F6AAFDE5850392e1229e962bf3Df0

Marketplace Contract:

The marketplace contract is a fork of opensea marketplace, and allows NFTs from approved contracts to be sent to the contract and put up for sale. The contract features an inflation cap to prevent silly price listings, and only allows approved NFTs to be put up for sale.

Poetry NFT Marketplace: 0x22bF9B8f4568be87b0557c30505fCba698B06367

Harmony network

The contracts are on Harmony, because Harmony is a cheap and fast network that boasts being linearly scalable. The network has interoperability with other networks as a key part of its roadmap, and the network is the only fast smart contract network that publicly mentions the need for financial privacy.

Tightening monetry control

The USA spearheaded the Western Oligarch's desire to politically control individuals' access to monetary tools. One of my liberal views is that a person, within reason, can change - some people, though, clearly are too far gone, and deserve to be gone - and those supporting the politicization and weaponization of monetary tools clearly do not believe or want certain people to change. I believe people can change, because life, as a personal journey, is nothing but change.

10 years down the line, it wasn't just undesirables; any large transaction in UK EU and USA became subject to tight scrutiny. Transactions as low as ~$200. If we are what we do and not what we say, the Oligarchs that pressured for tighter monetary control must be scared the monetary and political system is to get volatile.