The restless spirits long to guide

True Nature

An assertion of the truth of the world we live in, rejecting the Utopian Platonic nonsense bad actors spread to cause division, so that they can watch a number go up, as the world burns

Truths tell all makes up the gods' plan,
One must drown out the lies of man,
A temple gets crafted to be pure,
Ne'er succumb to a vice's lure,

If acts with weight need to be done,
Snakes will all too eagerly come,
Naive won't believe they're deceived,
Whilst the lions lay down to sleep,

Live to stay true to,
Fight to preserve in you,

Our true nature,
The true nature,

Cleanse your mind to be born again,
Starve parasites that spread with sin,
From within lurk outsider men,
masking intent and derision,

Shun the trough master puts feed in,
There's better eats once you bleed him,
Seek out the clear deeper meaning,
Awaken the voice of reason,

Work in the fulfillment of,
Accept and learn to love,

Our true nature,
The true nature,

Ne'er let a child be on your throne,
Rase up the strong among your own,
All claimed to be modernity,
Is merely greed fueled fallacies,

Stand on firm ground not seeking crowns,
Tall towers will come crashing down,
While fools journey to become kings,
Kings become fools without changing.

January 18, 2024