The restless spirits long to guide

Take the Crown

A commentary on how the structures of governance have been co-opted to such a degre that their metaphysical might has eroded, creating a need for people to seek a means to make and claim their own crowns.

Nothing stands amid a weak pound,
Co-opters burnt, what made us proud,
Accounting tricks paid gambling fix,
Schemes dreamt up by school cliquics of pricks,

Weak and feeble, apt unable,
Power structures don't look stable,
Arise folk and let us take all,
In awe, watch this empire fall,

Take the Crown,

Draw the fabled sword from the stone,
Keep this here kingdom as our own,
Pleasant green lands for which to stand,
Calling out bluffs forcing weak hands,

The crown sits caked in stains of sleaze,
Guarded by some death-gate reprieve,
Only fresh blood can clean the slate,
In the footsteps of the namesake,

Take the Crown

Loins will again call here home,
Now's passed any chance to atone,
St. George smiles, beckoning us on,
There's no forgiving what's been done,

Awake, arise, refresh your eyes,
The restless spirits long to guide,
Be more than you thought you could be,
Claim your true ordained destiny,

Take the Crown,

Blest thoughts seek higher up heights,
All born of god given rights,
The crown sits not in London town,
It waits to be by you be found,

Now step forth, our dear chosen one,
Take the crown for it must be done,
No accepting any less now,
March on forth and then take the crown,

Take the Crown.

November 06, 2022