The restless spirits long to guide

Stop the Spread ( Ode to Imperial College London )

Recalling Imperial College of London's key role in the episode of mass false imprisonment and discrimination, during 2000-2022 - Imperial College of London ( Scientific knowledge, the crowning glory and the safeguard of the empire ). Even though the organisation made a statement that the actions were of an individual, they permitted the explicit persuasion technique of calling to authority, either knowingly, or through ignorance.

Led on into a hypno state,
Lefthand paths planting seeds of hate,
Cast from an altar at Milkbank,
Stakeholders wait to give their thanks,

Step up dear midwit graduate,
Fortran code theatrical skit,
Flatten the curve to scare the herd,
Down the line its clearly absurd.

Stop the spread

All we've to do is ignore what is said,
All we've to do is refuse to be led,
You must not trust the wolves among men,
You must not let the unrighteous ascend,

Honest discourse that spooks forbade,
Protects the long con being played,
Aided by all those on the take,
Shelter at home see not its fake,

All of this choice picked data hides,
The world's a stage for trusting eyes,
Shakespeare statecraft to mold our life,
With strife of volk such schemes are rife,

Viral memes are the true disease,
Commie liberal democracy,
Vote harder till it's plain to see,
Mind prisoned by Oligarchy,

Protocol change ups death again,
Echos of the scares way back when,
Paperwork then makes the peak descend,
Gods give us strength to make this end.

March 16, 2024