The restless spirits long to guide

She falls in his Arms

I wrote this because I kept hearing pop songs on legacy media glorifying being single. I understand that the dating scene is challenging, and it's ever harder to find your love, but it is the divine will for one to find their love and it is magical, and to deny that, to deny any divine will is to sicken yourself

Smiles that get shared with locked eyes,
From far apart to by her side,
To and fro, and give and take,
Woven words can tempt hearts awake,

Struck by all that could be,
She and him, you and me,
Have the strength to let go,
Don't lead merely follow,

The Gods above have a forced hand,
Ode to goddesses of the land,
Heat makes tears rise out from the earth,
Out of flame creation is birthed,

Dice in play rolled by fate,
For his move she awaits,
The will speaks and commands,
Unioned not by mere chance,

He wins her with charms,
She falls in his arms,
As one becomes -
More than just one,

Slowly losing all track of time,
As only one thought fills the mind,
Touched and moved by my thoughts of you,
As our heartbeats rise, forth we're drew,

A scene both long to see,
King and queen meant to be,
You have to show your cards,
Reveal your ace of hearts,

The moon reigns when the sun is gone,
But the sun burns in everyone,
Separate and yet somehow entwined,
Longing for each other to find,

This story's never old,
Again and again re-told,
As he wills a union,
She then wills to join him,

He wins her with charms,
She falls in his arms,
As both become -
The same as one,

March 13, 2023