The restless spirits long to guide


Prior passion comes distraction,
Patiently the fates wait for thanks,
A sweetness present on the tongue,
Portends the craving due to come,

The driving force behind the scene,
A wanting comes into being,
A nigh overwhelming feeling,
Temptation with deeper meaning,

A taste proving never enough,
Torture's being forbade to touch,
A respectable word for lust,
Pandora and her opened box,

A pen that needs no thought,
Unlearning the abstinence taught,
It comes and flows as an out pour,
Leaving one to pang for yet more,

Possessing no patience to wait,
Promptly entering an embrace,
Ill paced love one can't bear to waste,
Hands to be place upon her waist,

Wants and needs desires to feed,
The heart rate is sped as sweat beads,
Waiting not for cue to precede,
Powerless as the subconscious leads,

Forced passive by the attraction,
A pull that spurs us to action,
Picturing all that could happen,
Little compares to such pining,

Promising both prayers and pains,
Tingles of anticipation,
Portrayed as one bound and chained,
A part played deserving praise.

January 01, 2012