The restless spirits long to guide

Needless Death ( Ode to Slavic Glory )

Flanked and forced by feeble men's pens,
Countless young men must meet their end,
English words and a Western purse,
Makes Slavic nations all the worse,
Tell tale signs of a genocide,
An in-group schemes to have men die,
All the suits and interested groups,
bound by their sacred urge to lie,

We need less death, needless death,

PsyOp'd minds and shot apart hearts,
Empires of lies must fall apart,
Mother Russia will not back down,
She won't knell to a foreign crown,
Awake Europa, see the crimes,
Soils now sold for pennies and dimes,
An ally is no real ally,
when they back stab so many times,

We need less death, needless death,
Men too soon breath their last breath,
Snakes make sure war has no rest,
Fags dug deep into our best,

A high drone gets heard overhead,
Crescendo played unto the dead,
Foxhole burial mortar hail,
'phetamine blood drained until pale,
Conscripted hunted sacrifice,
A.I. gaming the slaughter of life,
Front lines cut down as fights begin,
Media spun into a win,

We need less death, needless death,

The taxation theft of the West,
Demands flags fly to quell protest,
There's little left to be fighting for,
But it thins the herd a bit more,
Broken limbs and bleeding within,
Helpless men watch women leaving,
Drone dropped grenade has deathbeds made,
BlackRock smiles waiting to be paid,

We need less death, needless death.

July 16, 2023