The restless spirits long to guide

Queen Elizabeth (In memory of)

To allow the controlled media to show a photo of the Queen looking like a bag of potatoes, and then a month later show a video with a youthful likeness of the queen, smiling wide with a radiant hazy orange glow, along with imagery of butterflies, is a brazen insult to intelligence. Whether the Queen's Oligarchy has on call admins who can set up a rig to train a neural net is questionable. I do not rate the intelligence of Western Oligarchs. I am for self-sustaining, self-determining communities, when that's not possible, I am a Royalist, as I will always argue with full passion, for the concept of skin in the game. When the monarchy is reduced to a tool of control and propaganda, any skin in the game is meaningless. They on the throne need to be overthrown. Someone audacious enough will remove the house of Windsor, or even better, the inevitability that self-sufficiency will lead to the United Kingdom devolving into counties.

Curse the unholy lizard queen,
The CGI pumped out on screens,
Puppet strings lead to London Town,
Vested interests are always found,

A new King must rise from the crowd,
The English left must make us proud,
Take out the rook and take the crown,
A new noble king must be found,

Limp wrist secret societies,
Globalist schemes need lead to cease,
A parasite mental disease,
Needing kids for blood therapy,

Native culture forced in retreat,
Erase the queen from history,
Mi6 master spy indeed,
Bury that bitch at a cross-roads, please.

April 19, 2022