The restless spirits long to guide


Ode to Big Tech. and main stream media, and the decline of the church of human "science" in the A.I. driven data age.

The group will march us all in line,
Rights and liberties fast declined,
This claim has been widely debunked,
The rule of law approved by punks,
Mob rules when there's no will to fight,
Gaslighters gaslight truth to light,
A new ill truth for you to tote,
It's said it's so, it isn't though,

Rotted books fed to brainwashed youths,
Cash flows always flow to the truth,
Sound off in line marching in time,
Pigs and puppet head issued fines,
Gaslighting what's wrong to be right,
Embolden bait till something bites,
Silver bullets from loaded votes,
It is not so, but it is though,

No brave soul in the crowd to cite,
All fails after reaching its height,
Guilt that has all but been confessed,
Anonymous sources attest,
Intel sanctioned mental abuse,
Gaslighted till we know what's true,
Trust the experts and all they know,
It's said it's so, it isn't though,

Control lost with the printing press,
Chaos is what masters like best,
Favour falls on interests vested,
Next patient please, to be tested,
Gaslighters have checked all the facts,
Financiers now doubled cheques,
Rabbit holes are no place to go,
It is not so, but it is though.

February 06, 2020