The restless spirits long to guide

Free Money

Fiat money has lead to hyperinflation whenever it has been tried. The Stock market is now a loaded system, that no-longer honestly measures valuation, owing to central bank manipulation. It acts as a benefit system for the rich. While universal basic income (UBI) is an honorable attempt to solve the displacement that is to be caused by A.I. I would argue it is fundamentally incompatible with the human spirit, and will lead to further inflation and poor mental health. I would suggest universal basic utilities and housing, whereby some basic housing, nutrition, water and power is guaranteed to every citizen. Clearly careful thought would be needed to not create dystopian apartment complexes.

Print out me some nice free money,
Dial up some cheap and drunk honeys,
Your cut comes by steeping on toes,
Dip into where cash freely flows,
Confidence games do not get old,
The masses will buy what they're told,
Inflation pays for nice second homes,
A fat stash built up and then blown,

Free, money, live, easy,

Free money handed out for some,
Hard work there for the other ones,
Advertised tales to pump hedge funds,
Debase all cash under the sun,
Spend fast your stash, it doesn't last,
When inflation comes it'll bite fast,
Lies told so there are no bank runs,
Cash out before the bailout comes,

Jet, setting, loss, hedging,

Suits and fast cars, strip clubs and bars,
Dollars made these days don't go far,
Rates kept low so the poor stay poor,
Pump and dump so the rich have more,
When it's free what does it matter?
Have printers work that much faster,
No-one cares as inflation nears,
Gold and guns as a hedge for fears,

Bull, running, high, living,

Blank cheques and concealed debts,
Inside tips for broken markets,
Middle men lining their pockets,
Regulators paid to forget,
Most folk still want to pay their bit,
Rich find ways TAXES get offset,
Who needs money when there's credit,
Get in debt, forgive and forget,

Cash flaunting, bear shorting,

February 13, 2021