The restless spirits long to guide

Cursed Generation

Ode to Millennials, the "snowflake" generation trying to get by playing a rigged game, amid an unprecedented onslaught of brainwashing and gaslighting from media, institutions and education; owing to the world economic forum, and top officials thinking they know better.

For our cursed generation, weep,
We are destined not to succeed,
Our future was sold on the cheap,
Plague set on the recovery,
While a broken system serves thieves,
We work hard into slavery,
Mental illness on a touch screen,
Consumed on a market that's "free",
Suffering for our elders' greed,
Handed a shaky destiny,
No means to make your queen at ease,
No home to raise a family,
Money's worthless till it has none,
Birthright's given to corporations,
Our time won't come, it'll be taken,
Holster a gun for your children.

February 04, 2020