The restless spirits long to guide

Choose Your Gods

Acknowledgment of the fundamental nature of gods and legends to the human condition. Be it them stemming from metaphors or an abstract representation of a fundamental experience. Humans are religious whether it is desired or admitted or not. I believe there is some power to be had in attempting to consciously choose your gods, as opposed to unconsciously being brought into a religion, such as 21C pre-A.I.-dominated science or the 21C nanny state.

Reflected out from the inside,
Our Gods can never truly die,
Earthly beings here for the ride,
Smiled down on by gods who guide,
Be sure to play for your own side,
Clarity stems from the third eye,
Thoughts bare visions to realize,
Awaken with a yes to life,

Voice your fears, So Gods can hear,

Earthly mothers, godly fathers,
Become your life's only author,
Own your innate will to power,
Gods speak in those needing hours,
A spark to light a driving force,
Whispers of twisted metaphors,
False idols take up a stone form,
Some ills fathers can't save you from,

Show desires, Make Gods aware,

A break to a looping refrain,
Ordered actions result in gains,
Secrets of elders found within,
Questions spur journeys to begin,
A legend's path to guide your own,
The father, mother, and the son,
Potential, connection, and one,
Base patterns ever cycle on,

Find weakness, So Gods witness,

Whispers from Gods that rile or soothe,
Symbols hint at a higher truth,
Ideas rise up when they bear fruit,
Spread amongst all so to take root,
Clouds only part if we take note,
All of one's folk sail the same boat,
A mindset can unlock the gates,
To grow you must transcend your state,

Confess sins, So Gods hear them.

June 10, 2021