The restless spirits long to guide

Blood and Soil

A reminder to whoever may need to hear it, that the land and local surroundings matters to you. We are spirit bound in a body, but, the food, flora, fauna, air, water, sounds, colours all influence our spirit. One must remain firmly rooted and anchored to their land, to not corrupt their true soul. Failure to do so leads to living in the clouds, and feeling uprooted, which leads to ideas like; dark matter, practical Quantum computing, time travel...

Dig your heals in and make a stand,
This blessed earth is your rightful land,
Forefathers watch all that you do,
Make them proud with actions you choose,

Fire you carry deep within,
Long since forged by far greater men,
Lift your burden and then forge on,
The gods favour only the strong,

It's in our heart,
It's in our soul,
It's in the Blood and soil,

The fool filled tribes climb to obtain,
You my volk have it in your veins,
Spark the unseen to pass in time,
Gods will guide you just look for signs,

Choose not to mirror they who lie,
Natures truths bear before our eyes,
Pen from earth and will from the sky,
Flame the flame so the fire can rise,

We're of earth so too thoughts are birthed,
Cloud made schemes are only accursed,
Nature balanced as it should be,
Swords must end man made fallacy,

Blood and soil, blood and soil,
Blood and soil, blood and soil,

You've greatness deep within,
The flames are now rising,
Now answer your calling,
A new dawn is dawning.

December 02, 2023