The restless spirits long to guide



Coming soon. A collection of metered rhyming poems about dates and events of significance in the Western calendar. There are four narrative longer poems for each of the major Western festivals that split up the year; Christmas, May Day, Mid-Summer's…

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A collection of metered rhyming poems about bindrune spells, intended to uplift and help manifest a better reality. There are poems or spells for all manner of situations. There are poems for strength, poems for protection, and poems of affirmations…

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Battle for Singapore


Military documents from the Norfolk Regiment's involvement in the WWII battle for Singapore. Published for all those that made, and who were willing to make the greatest of all sacrifices. In some instances rivalry is inevitable, as with Kashmir, the…

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Kids Poetry


This is a collection of metered rhyming poems for children. Each poem is accompanied by an illustration. The book is comprised of 32 metered pieces of kids rhyming poetry, and 32 accompanying illustrations. Poetry for children offers another valuable…

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Where is my Truck


This is a metered rhyming, illustrated children's book about a search for a truck. The book comprises of 12 4 line rhyming stanzas and 5 illustrations of vehicles that are not the missing truck. There are tyre tracks throughout the book which lead to…

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This Nature poetry collection is comprised of thirty-seven metered rhyming poems about nature and the seasons. The nature poetry collection begins with 5 poems that are not season specific. The rest of the collection of nature poems are divided up…

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